Our testing shows that while corn works very well to attract deer and other wild game to an area it usually does not have a strong enough odor to overcome natural obstacles. It’s usually put out to start patterns of behavior or to get animals to congregate in an area over a long period of time. By adding a stronger scent and a natural food flavor that peaks the animals curiosity we have found that wild game will find our product faster and will be more interested in Bait Corn.


All inbound corn is rigorously tested for aflatoxin and segregated according to aflatoxin levels, test weight, and moisture.  Only the highest-quality corn is sacked.  As corn is put into climate-controlled storage, it is sprayed and closely monitored for insects.  The cleaning operation consists of two S. Howes cleaners with aspirators, each with capacities of 4,000 bags per hour under a 28,000 square foot warehouse. Cobs are a definite no-no for a healthy running feeder and The Bait Corn Company takes pride in having the cleanest & lowest level aflatoxin corn. It is healthy for wildlife and flows freely through a hunter's feeder.

The Bait Corn Company guarantees our corn will out-perform regular deer corn or your money back!
Approved by the State of Texas as a Wild Life Feed Manufacture​r

Warranty and Guarantee

Official Guarantee

The Bait Corn Company guarantees that our corn will out-perform regular deer corn or your money back. Purchase a bag of corn from a participating dealer and test the flavor you choose against a regular bag of non-flavored corn and if the deer or other wild game do not favor Bait Corn over the regular corn the participating dealer will exchange the used bag for another flavor. If you choose not to try another favor you can return the UPC with proof of purchase to: The Bait Corn Company – Returns and exchanges – Po Box 879 La Porte, TX 77571 Or Call 832-367-7050 and we will refund your money excluding taxes. Please include your name, address, phone number and the area where you hunted.

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Guaranteed To Outperform Regular Deer Corn or Your Money Back!

Flavors and Scents

The Bait Corn Company is supplying the world with the highest quality flavored wild game feed on the market! All of our flavors are manufactured in strict compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines and have been tested, inspected and approved to exceed your expectations in quality, safety and freshness! We use only the highest grade natural and enhanced ingredients producing superior flavored corn.  While you are enjoying your hunt with our Bait Corn be assured our personal chefs are working on more exciting new fresh flavors.


The flavors and scents we add to our corn are designed to evaporate over time. This evaporation is what gets the flavors in the corn kernels and the scents in the air. Due to this evaporation over time the flavor and scent will deplete. Our testing shows we have a 70 day shelve life with significant flavor and scent depletion starting at around 65 days from manufacturing. Most dealers have a pallet turn of 30 to 60 days or less resulting in a fresh strong flavored product.